RNR Performing Arts

provides high-quality piano lessons in a relaxed, nurturing environment for students ages 5 to adults, beginners to intermediate-level students.

LOCATION:  At the student’s home, or in Ms. Row’s Home in Apex.

HOURS:  Monday-Friday afternoons and evenings, Saturday mornings

Ms. Row’s piano lessons

Ms. Row’s personal goal is to give each student a chance to become the best pianist he/she can be. Because not all individuals have the same strengths and/or weaknesses, she tailors her lesson plans according to each student’s needs. Her lessons,whether they be 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes long, are divided up into four sections: Strength-Building and Technical Exercises; Theory; Lesson Songs; and Repertoire. She holds two recitals per year, and has an award system to give students incentive to put the most into their lessons.

Rowena Rantanen
has been involved in musical productions for over 26 years, having worn several hats including Director, Producer, Music Director, Choreographer, Dance Captain, Stage Manager, and various principle and ensemble roles. She has a B.A. in Music, and her musical career has included being a piano teacher, an organist/choir director, a musical theatre teacher, and a dance instructor. In addition, she has founded several fairy tale theatre and dance groups.